Funding the industry

I would say that every rollerblader’s problem is always wanting new stuff. When I say stuff, it could be anything new introduced to the industry. It can range from skates, frames, bearings and wheels. You never know what companies have planned or when they are going to introduce something. They will just release a product and we will be compelled to purchase it. It’s not necessarily if we need it but it’s something that we want. The problem is that deep down, rollerbladers have the urge to purchase stuff because once it’s gone, it will never be available again. This leaves us no choice to buy more stuff.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing because we are helping out an already small industry. The sport can’t sustain itself, let alone grow if we don’t support it. How does this get done? By buying stuff.

It just starts to become an expensive hobby. For instance, I own 3 pairs of the exact same skates. One in cream, black and white. Yet all three skates have different frames on them. The Valo V13 AB cream have Ground Control Featherlight 3 frames. The Valo V13 white have Kizer Fluid frames. The Valo V13 DS in black have Create OG frames. They all skate, or grind just a little bit differently based on the plastic composition of the frames and wheel spacing. That’s not even mentioning the wheel sizing that varies between all the skates. All I am saying is that there’s a bunch of money invested in these skates because we all want to try something new.

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