The Blading Cup

I’m headed down to the Blading Cup this weekend in Santa Ana, CA. This is an event that happens once a year, spearheaded by Jon Julio. This is its 7th year now and it just keeps getting bigger and better. It’s now a two day event and there will be pros and vendors there. I’m going on Saturday and I am excited to see the pro competition and the old man competition. The pro competition will consist of rollerbladers who are sponsored and categorized as “pro” in the industry. The old man competition will be equally as fun to watch because there will be “retired” pros competing. These are guys that I’ve grown up watching my whole life and while they are no longer pro, they are still admired for what they contributed to the sport. I would say that rollerblading could be the only sport small enough to actually go up and say hi to actual pros. This event will prove that most rollerbladers, despite their status level are the most humbling people. In a sport so small, you have to be because we are all united by a common theme of loving rollerblading.

After the competition, they are also premiering the Feet video. The tickets were only $10 and it was made by Lonnie Gallegos. This will also be another great experience because a lot of great people will also be there. I’m excited to see this video because it stars another pro, Rob Guerrero, who I also admire his skating.

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