The Blading Cup

I’m headed down to the Blading Cup this weekend in Santa Ana, CA. This is an event that happens once a year, spearheaded by Jon Julio. This is its 7th year now and it just keeps getting bigger and better. It’s now a two day event and there will be pros and vendors there. I’m … [Read more…]

Funding the industry

I would say that every rollerblader’s problem is always wanting new stuff. When I say stuff, it could be anything new introduced to the industry. It can range from skates, frames, bearings and wheels. You never know what companies have planned or when they are going to introduce something. They will just release a product … [Read more…]

Anti-rocker is rollerblading

Back in rollerblading’s infancy, most of us started on Rollerblade TRS Lightnings. This was the skate that started it all. It was a recreational skate that people were using for aggressive skating. Since it wasn’t a true aggressive skate, we had to adapt to using this skate. The skate didn’t have much of a split … [Read more…]

Why I like the V13

In the mid 90’s the Roces Majestic 12 was born and introduced as an aggressive skate to meet rollerblader’s street needs. It faced stiff competition from other skates that were better suited for street skating like the K2 Fatty and USD Throne. I had a pair of Majestic 12 or M12, and it had it’s … [Read more…]

The culture of rollerblading

It’s more important than ever to keep the culture of rollerblading alive. I can live in the past and think about the 90s when everyone was skating. Companies back then were dumping millions into the sport and making millions in return. Then in the early 2000’s, the bottom fell out. People stopped skating and companies … [Read more…]